Избор на Име

Избор на Име - име на дете, име на фирма - HironBG.com

Избор на Име - име за дете, име на фирма

Името е вибрация, която до голяма степен може да повлияе върху бъдещето развитие на личността или съответната дейност. Името на човек може значително да подсили влиянието на  положителните фактори, заложени в рождения хороскоп. Името може да помогне на човек да реализира най-добрите си способности, да го води по правилния път.

По същия начин неподходящото име може да създаде трудности и пречки. Практиката ми показва, че когато човек смени името си или приеме друга фамилия ( жени при сключване на брак) може значително да повлияе върху събитията в живота си.

Много е важно енергиите на хороскопа на раждане или образуването на фирма да са в съзвучие с енергиите на името. В противен случай възниква дисонанс, вътрешен конфликт, който пречи на самоидентификацията и намирането на собствения Път в живота.

Щастливото име, което резонира с хороскопа, е най-добрият подарък за новороденото или бъдещата Ви компания. В резултат на подбора  ще имате избор от 6-15 имена с описание на акцентите на конкретно име.

Необходими данни:

  • Дата на раждане и / или основаване на фирмата – ден, месец, година
  • Точен час на раждане (създаване на фирма) или приблизителен интервал
  • Място на раждане (създаване на фирма) – населено място – град, село, област, страна

Ако точният час на раждане не ви е известен ...

… предлагам услугата ректификация – уточняване на точен час. За целта ще ви изпратя въпроси, на които е необходимо да ми отговорите.

  • услугата по ректификация се заплаща допълнително
Nadezhda Pavlova-Stoycheva
Nadezhda Pavlova-Stoycheva
20:00 31 Aug 21
I am extremely grateful to Nina for the consultation I had with her last fall. The guidelines he gave me for my professional future were absolutely accurate.In addition, I express my gratitude to you, Nina, for the daily predictions you publish and the feeling you inspire in the people we read... them! Be blessed!още...
Rosen Bachvarov
Rosen Bachvarov
18:24 31 Aug 21
Ако търсите отговор на въпросите “Кой съм аз”, “Какъв е смисълът…” и т.н., Нина Ненова е Вашият индивидуален водач, който да ви преведе през дългият път на себепознанието.Нина, благодаря ти за отношението, индивидуалния подход, всеотдайността и енергията, която влагаш и даряваш в тази кауза!
Petya Vasileva
Petya Vasileva
13:57 19 Aug 21
Nina Nenova is my first teacher in the world of self-knowledge. The universe drew the best map for me. The words are few to express how it turned my life upside down. He led me there to look inside myself, to start believing in myself, to want to live with great joy and most of all - to share what... my heart wants to do. All my life my soul longs to write and write, but I did not feel good in the center of attention and I did not bring out in front of others what I had created. It heals me. On her advice, I created a web page. In the beginning timidly, gradually I started to share the voice of my heart with a lot of love and now my first collection of poems has been published. My heart is healing. My life changed when my heart opened. Thanks, Nina! My gratitude and my love for you are forever! The universe is happier to have you! Be blessed!още...
Antoniya Slancheva
Antoniya Slancheva
13:49 19 Aug 21
In Chiron I found a group of kindred spirits who have similar spiritual pursuits and aspirations for knowledge as mine. Nina is an exceptional professional, from whom I learned a lot in a short time. She approaches each meeting with her group individually, whether on retreat or regular training and... always has something new and different to say. I highly recommend the center and her personally as a specialist. 🙂още...
Kristina Slancheva
Kristina Slancheva
16:06 03 Aug 21
I have been a student of Nina Nenova since January 2021. I began to study the Tree of Life with her at a difficult time for me. I became a Mother and a Wife and I was not prepared for that. Wandering, lost and filled with fear of what was happening, I met Nina, who turned my gaze to myself. Nina... showed me and taught me that behind every problem, we should not look for the solution from an external factor, but to look for the answer and the solution within ourselves. With the journey through the Tree of Life, it was difficult for me to accept that we are to blame for all our problems and that if we do not calm down and accept, there is no way things can happen to us from the outside. I was filled with fears that over the months of training became my inspiration and teacher. As a mother of a 4-month-old baby, I tried my best to gain personal time in which to look inwards. I was looking forward to our Kabbalah class every Thursday, where I gathered knowledge and strength to continue my life in a better direction, filled with Love and Light. But after we finished my training, I did not want to end my spiritual journey, which took me to my Tarot classes to date and my fully completed Awareness of Abundance course. I can only say THANK YOU VERY MUCH NINA! Thank you for showing me the direction and thanks to it I am ON THE ROAD. The retreats she conducts are another magical experience that introduced me to kindred spirits and broadened my worldview. In fact, it opened my eyes to the invisible, which I never realized existed whether we believed in it or not… and it is stronger and more powerful ... than the material that surrounds us. Thank you, Nina, for opening my eyes through my soul and now my heart is leading me, not my mind. With deep respect and love to you Nina. Your student Kristina Slanchevaоще...
Живка Иванова
Живка Иванова
17:50 01 Aug 21
Thanks to the Chiron Center for Personal Development and Self-Knowledge, I found the way to myself. Thank you Nina for patiently and lovingly giving us knowledge with which to achieve balance and harmony in everything, and helping us on the path of our spiritual growth! Love, Love, Love and... Gratitude @! 💖💖💖още...
Ana Christova
Ana Christova
13:17 01 Aug 21
My dear, a year ago, a woman came to you in her pain. Sunk in the darkness. No smile. Without desire. No dreams. You gave her Light. You gave her Hope. You believe in her so that she can believe in herself. A year later, on the holiday, this woman "accidentally" meets an old acquaintance and his... child. She stopped, greeted them, smiled at her, joked, sent them off with wishes for Happy Holidays. The old acquaintance didn't say a word, as if they didn't know each other. The child smiled shyly at her. And they continued to return, only a minute later with an apology. The old acquaintance said to the woman, "Dear girl, I did not know you. Sorry, I didn't recognize you, you're different. I asked the child who you were, he told me and I came to greet you. The story is short but full of content. This is what Light, Faith and Love do. And I want to thank you. THANK YOU. I wish you health and much, much prosperity. Keep warming, warming, inspiring and loving. Aniоще...
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